John Kettle and Associates is an established civil and structural engineering consultancy with over twenty-five years experience that offer a wide range of engineering solutions to suit the needs of residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the South-East and London area. Based in Ashford, Kent, we offer a professional service that combines traditional design methods with the latest computer and structural analysis software to provide our clients with the most cost effective design solutions. We can assist in projects of any size, from small scale improvements to major developments and will work closely with clients, architects, surveyors and contractors to ensure that we produce both simple and practical designs that meet the requirements of all involved.



At John Kettle and Associates we can offer a professional service for all structural engineering problems from bespoke structural elements to full structural developments. If you require structural engineering calculations for projects involving steel beams or columns, concrete or reinforced concrete, load-bearing masonry or timber, please contact us. Our structural calculations and drawings are presented in a clear and easy to understand manner for both building regulations approval and client and contractor use. Below is a list of examples of the type of projects we may be able to help you with.

Extensions & Alterations

From minor alterations such as wall removals or the enlargement of existing openings, to loft conversions, small extensions and major redevelopments or renovation, we can assist with any size of project that requires our expertise. We will conduct an initial inspection to assess the existing structure before producing calculations with detailed drawings to compliment and clearly explain our design. 

New Builds

We can offer engineering solutions for new developments of any size, from garages and out-houses to single or multiple dwellings. We can provide designs for all the substructure and superstructure required for the project in all common structural materials. We will work closely with all other parties involved in its design and construction to ensure that the most economical and effective solution is provided.

Investigations & Surveys

From specific investigations that focus on particular problems, to general investigations that involve a full top down appraisal of all accessible and visible areas, we can assist with all kinds of structural investigations. We also conduct surveys of existing and historic structures and provide reports that explain the probable causes of structural defects and can propose repairs that will be both effective and sympathetic to the buildings heritage. 

Large Projects

Whether it is the construction of a new warehouse or the extension or refurbishment of a large commercial premises, we are able to offer clients our services to efficiently support and construct larger projects that require a combination of engineering schemes to be accomplished. 



John Kettle and Associates can provide civil engineering services for both new and existing developments around the South-East. Whether you require temporary supporting structure for remedial works or full drainage schemes for new builds, we can offer clear and simple engineering solutions for both building regulations approval and client and contractor use. Below is a list of examples of the type of projects we may be able to help you with.

Drainage & Culverts

We can offer drainage solutions for all kinds of projects, small or large, for existing buildings or new builds that will be produced in accordance with the latest drainage and waste disposal building regulations. We will use the levels and topography of the land to inform our design and will work closely with all involved parties to ensure the most cost effective drainage system is employed to suit the needs of the client. 

Retaining Walls & Underpinning

Whether you require new ground works for landscaping or strengthening to foundations under an existing structure, we can offer efficient substructure solutions for the problem. We can also provide designs and calculations for masonry buttressing and other additional remedial strengthening to existing retaining walls and other structures. 

Roads & Bridges

We can provide engineering calculations, drawings and details for the construction of private roads and bridges that comply with both the latest Building Regulations and Highway Standards, from small driveways to vehicular bridges. We can also provide all required structure and details for the construction of pedestrian footbridges.

Temporary Works

For short and medium term engineering solutions we can supply detailed instruction of how to safely support anything from failing retaining walls to floor or roof failure. These solutions are employed to allow for a long term, permanent structural scheme to be put in place and we often combine both schemes as part of our design package to our clients. 


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